Robocraft 101 - How to play like a pro

Here's what this guide will cover:

  1. The basics of gameplay
  2. Cheats and hacks in Robocraft
  3. How to play in a team
  4. Tips on how to defeat other players

Let's get to the basics right off the bat, without a lengthy introduction, shall we?

1. The Basics of Gameplay

In Robocraft, there are two main vehicle types: ground and air. Let's talk about the first type first, ground vehicles are easier to build properly and pilot than flying ones. Therefore, that's what I'd recommend for you to try first, if you are new to the game. When designing your machine, take note of these things:

  • Make sure the block under your pilot seat is well-armored; once it's destroyed, or your pilot seat is disconnected from any weapons or movement devices, it's game over for you.
  • Design your robot in a way that will make it difficult to flip over (or possible to easily "get up" :P).
  • Watch for your CPU - it determines how much stuff you can put on the robot.

Now that you have your own tiny war machine, it's time to mount some weapons on it. There are two types of weapons: laser turrets, and plasma cannons. The former are rapid-fire, low damage weapons, while the latter are like artillery - long range and inaccurate, but with high damage (and reload time). What should newbies choose? Go for lasers. Less of a learning curve, and much more forgiving if you miss, even a lot.

2. Cheats and Hacks in Robocraft

I don't want to bore you with statistics and pointless facts, so here's the deal - you can still cheat in Robocraft. I'm saying still, because it is now more difficult than it was in the past. It's possible to use tools like the one here today, while in the past you could even get away with cheat engine. The hacks can be used to get unlimited CPU, free premium account, no-spread on weapons and a few other goodies.

Now, there's always the question if it's right to cheat. IMO, no. I know for a fact there was a group of people on Robocraft who'd engage, quite regularly, in hacked combat where every participant was using some kind of a tool - like the one I mentioned above.

Let's just say it was a real war zone - with the huge vehicles built with no CPU limitations, speed hacks and all that. If that's what you want to use this for, by all means, go ahead! Of course, getting premium also feels pretty harmless, especially if you cannot pay for whatever reason. And don't forget that Robocraft's premium doesn't make it a pay-to-win. It's very far from that.

3. How to play in a team

There are just a few tips really, and they are all straight-forward enough for a newbie to understand:

  • If you are new (and I assume you are if you are reading this guide) always stay with your teammates. It's much easier to get hunted down if you are alone. Likewise, it's much easier for a group to defeat a high tiered opponent.
  • Make use of you high level friends - stay behind them and even use them as shields, if needed. If they can take the hits, it's better for you not to die and provide the firepower from behind them.

4. Tips on how to defeat other players

A few loose pointers that should get you going in the right direction:

  • Again, stay in a team.
  • If you can't blaze through an opponent's armor, either blast off their weapons, or ram them until they are on their back.
  • Whenever possible, aim for the block under the pilot seat.
  • Watch the skies for enemy flying machines.

That's pretty much it. If you will stick to the advice given, you will be fine. Remember team work is often key is Robocraft!

Now that you are packed with knowledge, consider joining us!